Camel Trekking Morocco

Camel Trekking Morocco

Camel Trekking Merzouga Morocco

Welcome to Best of Merzouga website. We invite you to discover a different way of travel in Morocco. Explore Sahara Desert with excursions departing from Marrakech and Fez. Camel Trekking and Desert Tours in Morocco available for you to enjoy and have a great time in Morocco.

Best of Merzouga proposes a few yet amazing tours in Morocco so that you can take advantage of a fabulous travel destination such as Morocco. Adventure yourself in Sahara Desert and take a camel trek in Merzouga Dunes, south east of Morocco. Camel trekking is a way of experiencing Sahara Desert in a whole different way.

Camel Trekking in Sahara Desert

Camel trekking is an activity in which you are taken on a camel excursion into the Sahara Desert. Moroccan desert is beautiful and traveling to such destination is a once in a lifetime experience. Best of Merzouga invites you to discover the Dunes of Erg Chebbi also known as the Dunes of Merzouga. Erg Chebbi Dunes are unique due to its gorgeous orange color during sun set. An amazing and breathtaking scenery.

Best of Merzouga proposes 3 different camel trekking excursions, a 5 days tour in Sahara departing from Marrakech; and two tours of 5 days from Marrakech to Fez or Fez to Marrakech, where you will be able to travel in Morocco a little bit around different landscapes.